Lordstown Endurance Electric Truck Debuting Later This Month

by Denis Gurskiy

Anticipation for the Lordstown Endurance, another entrant into the electric pickup truck race has been growing over the past few years. While we have seen concept photos of the Lordstown’s upcoming electric truck, we have yet to see the real production version. However, it looks like we will finally get to have our look later this month.

Lordstown Motors CEO, Steve Burns, recently wrote on the company’s website that they would be moving forward with having a virtual unveiling of the new electric truck sometime around their company meeting on the week of the 22nd of June. While Lordstown initially wanted to have the unveiling at the Detroit Auto Show, that as you know was canceled.

Burns wrote that “it’s not how we’d envisioned unveiling the Endurance, but in the absence of being able to gather a large crowd to see it in-person, this is the next best thing.” 

In addition to announcing the reveal of the Endurance, Burns also gave a nice breakdown of the progress of the different parts of their former GM factory as they prepare to have the electric truck ready for its actual debut at the start of next year.

  • Battery Lines: We are currently finalizing the prototype vehicle battery; we have chosen the integrator and they have started the engineering of the equipment line. Our goal is to have a semi-automated line for pre-production at the plant later this year.
  • Body Shop: We have the body shop integrator chosen, and they have started to mobilize on the engineering and structural work. The in-plant retooling process will start this week.
  • Facility: We’re currently demoing lines not required for the electric vehicle and starting the infrastructure work required for our new lines. On the IT side, we are developing the plant and engineering needs, and finalizing the architecture.
  • General Assembly: We have chosen the integrator for this area as well and have started the engineering on site.
  • Motor Lines: As we previously shared, we have finalized our agreement with Elaphe. We’re starting the engineering of the manufacturing line at the plant, and we have demoed the areas for the new battery and motor lines – a total of 200,000 square feet to start.
  • Paint: We have chosen the integrator, and they will start their work in mid-June. The pretreatment / electro-deposition contract started this week.
  • Stamping: We have finalized the surfacing, and later this summer, we’ll start stamping a few of the tools on site in preparation for pre-production later this year.

The Lordstown Endurance will face some stiff competition in the electric truck space with the Tesla Cybertruck, Rivian R1T, and Electric Ford F-150 on the horizon.

The Endurance will start at $52,500 and features four motors, one in each wheel, that generate 600 hp, and will have a range of over 250 miles and a towing capacity of 7,500 pounds.

What are your feelings on the Lordstown Endurance? Does it have a place with all these electric pickup trucks slated to have their debuts within the next year or two? Let us know down in the comments below.

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1 comment

ram 1901 June 13, 2020 - 7:10 pm

Wow, they’ve really improved the range on this. I remember when it was first introduced they were talking about, i think, a 90 miles range. That was years ago. Have to wonder if the $52K model has all four motors or whether there is an up charge to go 4 wheel drive. Still have another year before it is available for purchase and a lot can change between now and then.


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