Geely Shows off First Image of Upcoming Electric Sedan

by David Mowatt
Geely electric sedan

Chinese automaker Geely has finally shown off their first upcoming electric sedan since the release of the Emgrand electric vehicle back in 2015.

Following their establishment in 1986, the privately held global automotive group has sold well over 2.15 million vehicles in 2018 across all of their brands with Geely Auto pulling 1.4 million deliveries alone. While Geely currently has Volvo and Lotus selling vehicles internationally, the Chinese automaker intends to seize the overseas market for themselves.

Last week, Geely revealed the first image of their brand new electric sedan (pictured above), claiming that the mystery vehicle “is a globally developed product and will begin to spearhead Geely’s efforts into entering overseas markets.”

Geely shared some details in regard to their upcoming sedan in their most recent press release, stating:

The design language will use a ‘closed’ frontal design language with the headlights designed around the concept of ‘Yi’, the Chinese word for one: “一”, which allows the headlights to reach across the front of the car and up into the front arches. The strong pronounced hoodline also improves the wind drag coefficient of the model, bringing it down to just 0.2375 and allowing for greater efficiency whilst driving. To further that efficiency, Geely’s new electric sedan has moved to integrate its door handles into the bodywork and will only appear when the driver is within a certain range.

While a new electric vehicle reveal is certainly cause for celebration, it’s difficult to get excited when so little information is actually revealed. Aside from the teaser image released by Geely, virtually nothing is known about the electric sedan. There currently isn’t any information out regarding estimated range, battery capacity, or power output for the vehicle.  Geely was quick to point out that the sedan will sport a wind drag coefficient of 0.2375CD, but we aren’t sure if that’s going to build up enough interest at the moment.

According to Geely, the electric sedan will be formally unveiled in early 2019.

Source: Geely

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Lawrence January 21, 2019 - 5:44 pm

1986? I don’t think feisty private carmaker Geely goes back that far….

David Mowatt January 22, 2019 - 12:24 am

I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. Geely was originally established in 1986, but they didn’t formally enter the automotive industry until June 1997, becoming China’s first privately-owned auto manufacturer.


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