Ford Set to Launch New Mondeo Hybrid Models in 2019

by David Mowatt
Ford Mondeo Hybrid Wagon

Ford has recently announced that they will be updating their current Mondeo Hybrid models, as well as introducing a new wagon variant for Europe in 2019.

In an attempt to update their Mondeo Hybrid, Ford plans on enhancing the electric vehicle’s maximum range, and aims to launch the enhanced models in Europe next year. Currently available Mondeo Hybrid models come equipped with a 2.0-litre gas engine, electric motor and generator, and 1.4 kWh battery. Ford has yet to release specifications for the new Mondeo Hybrid models, but promises that they “will deliver attractive fuel efficiency and CO2 emission performance, and a compelling alternative to diesel powertrains for fleet and private customers.”

Current Mondeo Hybrids are available in a sleek four-door body style, featuring a sports coupe-inspired profile with low roofline, and an upscale Mondeo Hybrid Vignale variant.

Ford has also announced the development of a new Mondeo Hybrid wagon exclusively for Europe, which will enable customers to carry larger loads while still benefiting from electric powertrain.

In their latest press release, Ford stated:

“The new Mondeo Hybrid wagon will enable customers who require greater load-carrying capability to benefit from the efficiency and refinement of an electric powertrain in many driving scenarios, while maintaining the driving range and freedom offered by a traditional combustion engine. The elegant Mondeo wagon body style was developed exclusively for customers in Europe.”

Roelant de Waard, vice president, Marketing, Sales & Service, Ford of Europe, added:

“For many customers the practicality offered by a wagon body style is an absolute must, so we’re excited to announce that from next year those drivers will also be able to reduce their fuel bills using the sophisticated petrol-electric powertrain of our new Mondeo Hybrid wagon. Electrified powertrains will continue to play a key role in our European product line-up. Ford is investing $11 billion and plans to deliver 16 fully electric vehicles within a global portfolio of 40 electrified vehicles through 2022.”

Source: Ford

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