Fastned Shuts Down 175 kW EV Chargers Amid Safety Concerns

by David Mowatt

European fast charging network operator Fastned has announced the temporary shut down of a majority of their 175 kW electric vehicle chargers following recommendations from HUBER+SUHNERS, one of their suppliers for liquid-cooled cables, as a result of a potential safety risk.

Following Volkswagen subsidiary Electrify America’s announcement to shut down the vast majority of their own 150 – 350 kW charging stations late last week due to faulty liquid-cooled cables issued by HUBER+SUHNERS, Fastned has quickly followed suit by temporarily shutting down most of their currently operating super chargers fitted with the defective cables as well.

In their most recent press release, Fastned commented on the shutdown, stating:

“At the recommendation of HUBER+SUHNER, the supplier of our liquid cooled charger cables, we have decided to temporarily shut down a number of chargers. The recommendation was issued to all of HUBER+SUHNERS’ customers using the technology worldwide.


The shutdown only concerns the 175 kW chargers with liquid cooled cables. Our 50 kW CCS/CHAdeMO/AC chargers are not impacted and available for use. This means that customers can still charge at all Fastned stations. Some 175 kW chargers with different cables also remain available.


Although we understood from the supplier that the safety issue was identified with a cable from an old sample series that has a different design and which were tested against less stringent standards, we still decided last night to shut down the use of all liquid cooled cables as a precaution to allow the supplier to investigate and confirm the safety of the cables we use.


We regret having to take this decision, but the safety of our customers is our primary concern. We will keep you up-to-date via social media, our website and email.”

As is the case with Electrify America, the potential safety risk will affect a large number of Fastned’s charging stations throughout Europe, but all of their 50 kW charging stations and a few of their 175 kW charging stations fitted with different cables supplied by other manufacturers will remain operational. Just like Electrify America, we suspect that the European operator will take a substantial hit as a result of this shutdown.

Fastned clarified that the shutdown would only be temporary while HUBER+SUHNERS investigate the full extent of the safety risk plaguing their cables, but no word has been given as to when the chargers will be reinstated.

Source: Fastned

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