Faraday Future completes its first pre-production FF91

by Denis Gurskiy

Watching your company’s first car coming off the production line fully assembled must be a magical moment for any car company. Yesterday the people of Faraday Future were able to experience that feeling seeing their FF91 be complete.

Faraday Future has been a company with a lot of uncertainty about its future (pun unintended) especially when it came to finances. The company had burned through its funding in 2017 and relied on a $2 billion lifeline from Evergrande Healthy Investment Group Limited, which acquired 45% of the company as part of the deal. Gone was their plan of a $1 billion factory in Las Vegas, instead Faraday made home in a re-purposed tire factory in Hanford, California.

But nonetheless, the company has persevered, showing off its first production body last month. And now, we get to see their first pre-production FF91. Founder and CEO of Faraday Future, Jia Yueting tweeted out the following regarding his company’s milestone:

The Faraday Future twitter account also posted a tweet in celebration with all the people that made it happen:

According to a company email that was leaked out Faraday is planning a celebration for their team today to mark the achievement.

Back to a more grounded discussion, I’m happy that Faraday has been making progress with its FF91. But now the company will face many questions. When will the car be delivered? Will there be demand? If there is, will they be able to keep up? The FF91 is said to have 1,050 hp, a 0-60 time of 2.3 seconds, and a range of 378 miles. Will it be able to meet those specs? What will the quality control be like?

I’m glad they have taken steps forward, but its going to continue to be just as hard for them down the road. We’ll see what their future holds (pun intended).

What do you guys think? Let us know down in the comments below.

Source: The Drive

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