Electrify America to Host over 30 Ultra-Fast EV Charging Stations

by David Mowatt

Volkswagen subsidiary Electrify America has recently announced that they will be collaborating with nine additional companies to host more than 30 ultra-fast electric vehicle charging stations across the U.S. in order to help expand the availability of DC fast charging for the ever-growing number of EV customers.

When it comes to building a large-scale network of fast charging stations, one of the most important factors necessary for pulling off such a feat is having an adequate number of host partners, as they will be the ones responsible for providing the properties where those charging stations will be constructed. As a result of this, Electrify America made the wise decision to partner with nine additional companies across the U.S. ranging from popular grocery store chains to retail shopping centers.

The nine companies Electrify America has recently partnered with are as follows:

  • leading grocery chains Kroger and The Save Mart Companies
  • real estate investment trusts (REIT) Federal Realty Investment Trust, Fulcrum Property, ShopCore Properties, ValueRock Realty Partners, The Macerich Company, and Washington Prime Group
  • real estate development and investment company Pan-Cal Corporation

Rachel Moses, senior manager site acquisition and development at Electrify America, commented on the recent announcement, stating:

“Electrify America is excited to work with this diverse set of companies as we accelerate the pace of electric vehicle charging station installations across the country. We thoughtfully select locations for our charging stations to offer customers convenience and access to additional amenities, and believe that these new locations will appeal to a wide range of existing and future electric vehicle owners.”

According to Electrify America, over 20 of the new charging sites will be located in California with plans to build other sites at locations in six additional states including Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Virginia, and Washington. The Volkswagen subsidiary claims that their ultimate goal is to install 484 charging station sites with over 2,000 ultra-fast chargers by July 2019. Only time will tell whether or not they can achieve their goal by their estimated date of completion.

Source: Cision

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