Electrify America Launches Fleet of On-Demand Electric Cars

by David Mowatt

Volkswagen’s subsidiary Electrify America has partnered with Envoy Technologies to bring a new fleet of on-demand electric vehicles to the city of Sacramento.

Following the recent opening of several fast charging stations in California as part of their settlement with the EPA and California’s Air Resource Board, Electrify America is set to launch a community-based car sharing system under the Green City initiative in Sacramento called “Sac-to-Zero.” By partnering with Envoy Technology, Electrify America aim to make their fleet available through their Envoy There mobile app.

Electrify America intendeds to begin with a fleet of 20 Volkswagen e-Golf electric cars (pictured above) that will be available at over 10 multi-family properties, each with an accompanying Level 2 charging station. According to Electrify America, 142 electric vehicles are to be available at 70 locations, with 75 percent of the electric vehicles being available in disadvantaged communities by the time the project reaches completion.

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg commented on the project, stating:

“The arrival of Envoy in Sacramento will give our residents who struggle to find reliable transportation an affordable, clean option for getting around. It’s another step in our City’s evolution into a national model of clean, shared mobility. We are thrilled to partner with Electrify America in this effort.”

Rich Steinberg, Senior Director, Marketing, Communications and Green Cities at Electrify America, added:

“Envoy is the first of multiple zero-emission vehicle initiatives to be funded through our Sac-to-Zero investments. We are excited to begin the rollout of this program in Sacramento and look forward to launching additional ZEV transportation choices for the residents of the Sacramento area.”

Envoy co-founders Aric Ohana and Ori Sagie also stated:

“We’re extremely proud to collaborate with Electrify America and bring this deployment to fruition only months after being announced. With thanks to Electrify America, the City of Sacramento, and Mayor Steinberg’s office, we can offer drivers easy access to EVs, especially drivers from disadvantaged communities, where transportation options tend to be scarce.”

Electrify America claims that the project should reach completion by early 2019.

Source: Business Wire


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