2020 Tesla Model 3 Now Available a Week Early

by Jack

Tesla has claimed time and time again that they do not follow traditional model years. While controversial, this is technically true as the automaker will make changes to their vehicle lineup spontaneously throughout the year.

In 2019 alone we saw new Autopilot hardware added, a new motor, new suspension, and an abundance of minor changes such as new seats. These in turn leads to more range, better efficiency, and even a faster car.

Traditional automakers will make all of their vehicle changes once a year and label it with a new model year. For the most part, all of these Tesla changes are done sporadically with none linked to the actual model year or just about anything for that matter.

There is no guessing when we will see something like a new body style or interior. In fact, both Tesla and Elon Musk have stated many times that no “refresh” is in the works and instead the cars will continue to slowly evolve through a series of minor changes.

Regardless, the rest of the auto-world plays by a different set of rules and as such, Teslas are affected. In short, a 2018 Tesla Model S is worth much less than a 2019 Tesla Model S even if they were purchased just days apart. Resell value does not care which seat style you have, it focuses almost solely on the model year.

While Tesla would of course like to see this differently, even they are affected. Last year having to discount thousands of dated cars as we began the new year.

This year, the ever-adapting automaker seems to have learned a lesson or two. Instead of changing the model year alongside the ball drop, Tesla has decided to shift to 2020 a couple weeks in advance. 2020 Tesla models are now in inventory and listed online for pickup this year.

There’s still a few 2019 model years in inventory but much less than previously seen. This in turn will lead to less discounted vehicles and as such, higher earnings for the company on a mission to top all automakers. The company could potentially also see an increase in Q4 deliveries as many who were waiting for a 2020 model can purchase their vehicle today. Overall, this is great for both consumers and Tesla.

If you were, like many, waiting for 2020 to buy your new Tesla, the wait is over.

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