Volkswagen ID.3 Finally Unveiled, Price Starting at Under $33,000

by Denis Gurskiy

The long awaited Volkswagen ID.3 has finally been revealed in its fully production-ready flesh. The ID.3 will hope to channel the success of Volkswagen’s original Beetle which succeeded immensely in the mass market.

Although we have had an already good understanding of the specs going into the reveal thanks to the countless teasers and reports put out by Volkswagen, it is nice to finally have some concrete numbers. One big omission however is that we still do not have any final pricing on any of the variants of the ID.3.

Speaking of variants, at this point there are three different versions of the Volkswagen ID.3 planned, all with different sized battery packs.

Short-Range VW ID.3

This is obviously the version that Volkswagen states will start at under €30,000 ($33,000). It will have 45 kWh of usable energy content that will give it a WLTP rated range of up to 330 km (205 miles).  The basic version will come standard with 50 kW charging, but 100 kW charging can be obtained as an option.

Mid-Range VW ID.3 (also ID.3 1st)

The medium ranged version of the ID.3 will be the first to be delivered for those who pre-ordered the ID.3 1st edition of the car. This version will have a 58 kWh of usable energy which will enable the car to have a WLTP rated range of up to 420 km (260 miles). Once again there is no concrete pricing, but Volkswagen states that the 1st Edition will start below €40,000 ($44,000). This mid-range version will have 100 kW charging available.

Additionally, the ID.3 1st will be offered in three different configurations that come with varying degrees of options and advanced technologies:

Moving on to design, the exterior of the ID.3 does share resemblance to Volkswagen’s ever-popular Golf, but there are enough differences between the two that I don’t think there would be a big issue in mixing up the two. The design is unmistakably futuristic and “electric” with copious use of LED lights and curvy aerodynamic lines and wheels. Volkswagen does have high hopes that the design of the ID.3 will go down in history as an iconic car design.

From the press release:

Thanks to its newly developed design DNA, the ID.3 is immediately identifiable as a zero emission vehicle—with the potential of becoming a new automotive icon. Most of all, its innovative merging of design and technology puts the ID.3 on the same level as the iconic Beetle and Golf. It demonstrates the design of a new era and links its natural shape and intuitive usability with the characteristic Volkswagen smile.

Overall it is about the same length as the Golf, but thanks to the short overhangs, the wheelbase is longer allowing for considerably more interior space.

Moving on the the interior, Volkswagen continues the industry trend of consolidating the controls into one giant center screen, with little to no physical buttons or switches. Aside from tactile switches for the hazard lights and window operation, everything can be controlled from the center 10-inch screen.

Instead of a more commonly used Heads-Up Display (HUD), Volkswagen has an option Augmented Reality (AR) Display that will display relevant information onto the windshield while taking into account vehicles that are ahead of you. Additionally the ID.3 will feature voice commands so you may not even end up having to use the central display.

The ID.3 is not without assistance and safety features which include “Front Assist with City Emergency Braking System and Pedestrian Monitoring, multicollision brake and Lane Assist lane keeping system, Side Assist lane change system, Park Assist including rear view camera system as well as a keyless access system (Kessy Advanced) featuring illuminated door handles.”

Volkswagen will start series production of the ID.3 in November and will build up their inventory before starting deliveries in “mid-2020”. Once again, we here in the United States will not receive the ID.3. The first MEB-based electric Volkswagen that will be allotted to us will be the upcoming ID CROZZ that will be produced domestically.

Overall I am a fan of the ID.3 in both its looks and performance. The Short-Range ID.3 will be one of the cheapest electric cars that you can buy and the Long-Range version will possibly put a dent in the runaway lead that all three Tesla models have in regards to range.

We will patiently wait for final pricing of all the versions and options before we make a definitive judgement on the ID.3.

What do you guys think of the ID.3? What do you think the final prices will end up being? Let us know down in the comments below.

Source: Volkswagen

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