Tesla Surprises With 90,650 Deliveries in Q2 2020

by Denis Gurskiy

Tesla surprised many of when they announced their recent Q2 production and delivery numbers. The automakers posted a very healthy 82,272 production number and deliveries of approximately 90,650 vehicles. As always, the number can vary by 0.5% between now and the final tally.

With the recent world events and using other automakers’ decline in sales as an example, it was not surprising that many had anticipated that Tesla would have a less than a stellar quarter. Many analysts had predictions as low as 60,000 and not many dared to go past 80,000. It made sense, the Freemont factory was closed for a significant portion of the quarter, but Tesla surprised many when they announced that they had 90,650 deliveries, an actual increase from the previous quarter.

  Production (% change last quarter) Deliveries (% change last quarter)
Model S/X 6,326 (-58%) 10,600 (-13%)
Model 3/Y 75,946 (-12%) 80,050 (+4%)
Total 82,272 (-19%) 90,650 (+2%)

Looking at the changes from the previous quarter you can see that production numbers did in fact take a hit. Namely the production numbers for the Model S/X which are only produced in the Freemont factory unlike the Model 3 which at least was able to have Gigafacytory 3 in Shanghai pick up the slack and didn’t see much of a decrease in production.

Last quarter Tesla actually came out with a surplus of about 14,000 cars, which look to have been put to great use to help smooth out the downtime that occurred in regards to production. 

It certainly impressive that Tesla actually posted an increase in deliveries, but its impossible to hide the toll that was taken on production numbers. Still, it could have been much worse for Tesla. The question we all now will be looking for an answer for will be if Tesla was able to have another profitable quarter. A leaked email from Musk said that they would be cutting it close, but perhaps its all mind games and Elon is just setting expectations low.

How do you guys feel about the numbers? Are you surprised? Let us know down in the comments below.

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