Solar Powered Canopy to Provide Energy for Texas Dealership

by David Mowatt
solar powered canopy

The El Dorado Chevrolet & Mazda dealership of McKinney, Texas has recently partnered with Sunfinity Renewable Energy of Dallas and The Ratliff Group of Coppell to install a massive 1-megawatt solar powered canopy system directly on the dealership’s site.

Through their partnership with Sunfinity and The Ratliff Group, El Dorado Chevrolet & Mazda will effectively become one of America’s first ever net zero car dealers, meaning that over the course of a year, they will generate more energy from clean, renewable resources than they will need to operate their site following the installation of the solar powered canopy system. According to recent reports, the solar system is expected to generate well over 45 million kilowatt-hours of electricity while simultaneously saving the company over $4 million in utility expenses over its 30-year lifespan.

Stanley Graff, owner of El Dorado Chevrolet, commented on the recent announcement, stating:

“Our commitment to solar canopies is our biggest environmental initiative to date. Sunfinity was able to show us how to benefit the environment and our bottom line all at the same time, and that’s an unbeatable combination. This will significantly reduce our cost structure, and we will be able to pass these savings on to our customers.”

John Billingsley, chairman and CEO of Sunfinity, also commented on the announcement in the company’s most recent press release, stating:

“This type of project is a win-win-win. El Dorado receives a lower utility budget certainty for decades, which enables them to dedicate those dollars to other business-building initiatives. The project helps the Texas grid by supplying power when it’s most needed. And the community benefits environmentally because El Dorado will be offsetting a significant amount of CO2 — equivalent to replacing over 35 million pounds of coal burned.”

Bennett Ratliff, president of The Ratliff Group, added:

“We have been looking for a solution to the rising insurance premiums due to hail damage for our automotive clients for several years and have been impressed with the Sunfinity solar solution to car protection and electricity generation in one clean package. We believe this is a solution that delivers incredible value for El Dorado Chevrolet / Mazda and will be a model for the industry.”

The new system will reportedly feature 37 new car canopies topped with 3,456 solar panels spread across the dealer’s 28-acre campus, adding a layer of protection from environmental elements for both customers and vehicles.

Source: Electric Energy Online

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