Rivian Trademarks Two New Names, the R1V and R2X.

by Denis Gurskiy
Off Road Electric Truck

Rivian’s momentum continues to grow with no signs of stopping anytime soon. The EV startup has a lot of people looking forward to its R1T electric truck and R1S electric SUV. Those however seem to not be the only models we will be able to look forward towards as new trademark filings show two new vehicle names: the R1V and R2X.

Thanks to members of the RivianOwnersForum, we now know that Rivian has filed two new trademark applications for what will most likely be new electric vehicles. Both of the trademarks are registered to be used for a wide range of uses, but all within the scope of vehicles, and given the similarity to the R1T and R1S nomenclature, it is not doubtful that the names will be used for new vehicles.

The first, being the R1V.

This one shouldn’t be too much of a brainbuster as the ‘V’ in R1V most likely stands for ‘van’ just like the ‘T’ in R1T denotes a truck. We already know that Rivian has a big order of 100,000 electric vans to use for delivery purposes, so this one should not come as too much of a surprise. There is still the question of if Rivian will offer the van to others as well. 

The second filing, for the R2X, however is much more interesting.

There is no vehicle class that starts with ‘X’, so there is some room for speculation on the naming here. A few years ago, Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe stated that:

“The third vehicle will have a smaller wheelbase [than the R1S SUV] and will be the Rivian interpretation of a rally car with a lot of ground clearance,”

Rallycross is a popular form of rally racing so the ‘X’ could denote the ‘cross’ in rallycross, or just use the X for its common usage in extreme sports such as the X Games.

Another theory thrown around might be a crossover vehicle similar to Tesla and the Model X. As we all know the segment is a very popular one, and even though it might seem congested with competition, there seems to always be demand. 

Another peculiar thing about the name is that it is ‘R2X’ rather than ‘R1X’. I think a lot of us were under the assumption that the number in the name was meant to represent that the R1T and R1S were the first models in their line. But perhaps the number could be a marker for size or price, with 1 being the largest/most expensive? Who know’s its all speculation at this point.

What do you guys think of the naming scheme and what type of vehicles will they be used on? Let us know down in the comments below.

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