Porsche Delivered 1,391 Taycans for the First Quarter of 2020

by Denis Gurskiy

Porsche has recently released their deliver report for the first quarter of 2020 which has shown that the German automaker slumping due to current production difficulties in the world and lowered demand for new cars around the world. A point of note is that Porsche was able to deliver almost 1,400 Porsche Taycans this quarter.

Porsche has noted a steep drop in its deliveries from the first quarter of this year to the first quarter of last year, no doubt in part to the global shutdowns that have been occurring.

Detlev von Platen, Member of the Executive Board for Sales and Marketing at Porsche AG commented on the slump:

“We are not alone in clearly feeling the effects of the coronavirus crisis on our deliveries. But our focus now is on standing together with our business partners worldwide. Working together, we are in a position to react quickly and appropriately to further developments. After this challenging first quarter, we are now actively preparing to restart production. Our top priority will always be the health of our employees, the employees of our retail partners and, of course, the health of our customers. We are confident that the outlook is positive, not least because we see a clear recovery in the Chinese market; almost all of our Porsche Centers there have already reopened.”

While Porsche did not provide a per model breakdown of the delivered they did state that 1,391 Taycans were delivered in the first quarter, adding on to the 813 units they delivered last year. The total is now over 2,000 cars with 2,204 of Porsche’s first electric car hitting the street.

This, of course, is not particularly impressive when compared to the numbers that Tesla may put out. It is hard to give a fair comparison to the Model S since Tesla no longer reports the individual deliveries and lumps them together with the Model X. This quarter Tesla reported 12,200 deliveries of the Model S/X. If we assume that 60-70% of those were the Model S, then we get 7,320-8,540 Model S being delivered the first quarter, making the Taycan deliveries not look as bad considering its much higher price.

Regardless Porsche has now stated multiple times that it does not view Tesla as its direct competitor, but I’m sure that they would love to outsell the Model S. With the Taycan 4S now available at a lower price and a possible base Taycan at an even lower price, we may see the Taycan delivery numbers climb. 

What do you guys think the sales will be like for the Porsche Taycan in the future? Will it ever match the Model S? Let us know down in the comments below.

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