Non-Tesla Supercharging Finally Opens

by Denis Gurskiy

Non-Tesla Supercharging is finally possible within the United States, thanks to the rollout of the “magic dock.”

With an extensive charging network, Tesla’s Superchargers are an untapped goldmine for all non-Tesla electric vehicles. Following through on their stated goals of advancing electric vehicle adoption as a whole, Tesla opened up its Supercharging network to other EVs in Europe years ago. That situation was a lot easier, however, as Tesla ditched their proprietary (now open source) North American Charging Standard (NACS) plug in favor of the more common CCS plug.

For the United States, Tesla would have to retrofit their chargers with a CCS plug in order for non-Teslas to charge. Over the past few days, eagle-eyed fans have noticed some Superchargers in New York receiving Tesla’s Magic Dock. Integrating the CCS plug into the Supercharger, these chargers would now be able to charge non-Teslas.

With some of these chargers finally functioning, Tesla announced that Supercharging was open for all EVs.

How Does It Work?

As the vehicle will not be able to interface with the Supercharger as a Tesla can, everything will be done through the Tesla app. Still, non-Tesla Supercharging looks quite straightforward. 

 After making an account and linking a credit card with your Tesla app, drivers will be able to locate Superchargers. Once there, they can tell the app which stall they are in so the charger knows that the adapter will be in use. Afterward, the driver will need to stick the charger into the adapter and pull it out, allowing them to connect the charger to their vehicle. 

A video of the process can be seen below.

Currently, it seems there are a handful of these magic dock-equipped Superchargers in the northeast. From the looks of things, the process seems to be pretty seamless and on par with what an EV owner can expect from any other charging provider. We are interested in seeing not only how much these docks will expand, but if they will be offered in highly congested metropolitan areas, which are already known to get backed up with just Tesla traffic.

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