Join Lucid Motors on an 800-Mile Long Range Test

by Denis Gurskiy

Today Lucid Motors gave us a peek at what their range tests look like for their upcoming Lucid Air as the team took a 400-mile journey from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and then back for a total of 800 miles.

When Lucid announced their Lucid Air electric sedan, one of the most standout features of it was its 400-mile range, a range that eclipsed the highest ranged Tesla at the time of the announcement, as still does with the Model S having a range of 393 miles.

With the Coronavirus taking its toll, Lucid Motors has shut down its facilities and is having its employees working from home. Similar to how Rivian recently posted a video of its factory progress, Lucid has also decided to celebrate its employees and their efforts by giving us a look at a range test that they did back in February.

The company wrote:

We engineered the Lucid Air around the concept of “smart range,” meaning it achieves long-distance driving with extraordinary efficiency rather than enormous battery packs. So, how usable is the Lucid Air’s range? Simply put, we intend to set the industry benchmark for real-world highway driving. And you can see for yourself how well it performed in our behind-the-scenes video.

The video shows us a light-hearted journey through Highway 1 all the way down to the famous Santa Monica pier and then back through Hollywood and Interstate 5 back to San Francisco. While you would probably be able to make this journey on a current Model S, you might have to watch your speed a little to make sure that you do not use too much energy. Lucid states that they were able to maintain a constant speed of 70 mph on the leg back up to San Francisco from Los Angeles. 

We look forward to seeing the debut of the Lucid Air which has unfortunately been pushed back to later this year with the postponement of the New York Autoshow.

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