Ford Shows Electric F-150 Testing Video and Front-End Teaser

by Denis Gurskiy

The upcoming  Electric F-150 from Ford looks to be the first electric truck to hit the market that is from a company that is old enough to drink. The electric truck market looks to be a prime spot for fledgling EV automakers to make an impression. Ford has long reigned supreme in the ICE truck market, but will their electric F-150 be able to keep the same momentum.

The all-electric Ford F-150 is still a ways away, but Ford decided to provide a little news regarding their electric pickup truck. First off, the American automaker announced that it would be making a $700 million investment in the historic Rouge Complex which will be producing the newest generation of the regular F-150. The expansion will not only provide 300 new jobs, but will prepare the factory for the production of the electric F-150 which according to Ford is looking for a “mid-2022” production date.

To go along with the announcement, Ford released a short video showing the paces that it is putting its electric F-150 prototypes through including, towing, muddy terrain, and steep road grades.

The announcement also included some goals for the electric F-150 which included a dual-motor setup which will have more horsepower and torque than any other F-150 available today. Also, Ford will introduce bidirectional charging so that you can use the electric F-150 for power in areas such as campgrounds or job sites. 

Also while the current electric F-150 prototypes are being used inconspicuously in the regular F-150 shells, Ford did reveal a teaser image of what we can expect from the front end of the electric truck.

CNET described the front end as a mix between the Rivian R1T and Ford’s upcoming Bronco, and I have to say that I agree. Lightbars are most definitely in right now, and this might be the thickest one that I have seen. The design is certainly very angular so that there is no mistaking the ruggedness of the truck. I am a fan of the look, but with 2-3 years to go before it goes into production, and no official concept even out, I will not be surprised if the final design is not what we see here, though I will keep my fingers crossed.

Ford is going to have an uphill battle come 2022, as by that time there will be very attractive options from both Rivian and Tesla that will have cemented their place in the electric truck market at that point. Not to mention we will be seeing entries from the likes of companies like Lordstown and Atlis. With the release of the Mustang Mach-E happening later this year, we will be given our first indication of how open the EV community is to Ford and how much effort the Blue Oval is willing to give, which will set the tone for the electric F-150 debut.

What do you guys think? Let us know down in the comments below.

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