Ford Unveils Mustang Mach-E Prototype With (Count ‘Em) 7 Motors

by Denis Gurskiy

Upon the initial announcement of the Mustang Mach-E we had believed that the GT version of the electric SUV would be the top-end model in terms of performance. While the GT version of the Mach-E will be the most powerful version that consumers can get, Ford’s most recent Mach-E 1400, with (you guessed it) 1400 hp, blows it out of the water.

The Mustang Mach-E 1400 joins the Mustang Cobra Jet 1400 as another high powered electric car from Ford that proves that electric cars can be as fast and visceral as their gasoline counterparts.

Ron Heiser, chief program engineer, Mustang Mach-E stated:

“Now is the perfect time to leverage electric technology, learn from it, and apply it to our lineup. Mustang Mach-E is going to be fun to drive, just like every other Mustang before it, but Mustang Mach-E 1400 is completely insane, thanks to the efforts of Ford Performance and RTR.”

Would you like to know how many electric motors the Mach-E 1400 has? Seven. Yeah, seven. It doesn’t even really make any sense how you would fit seven motors, but there are three in the front and four in the rear which allow for “a huge range of adjustability to set the car up for everything from drifting to high-speed track racing”.

The prototype only has a 56.8 kWh battery. While this does limit the total range of the car, the nickel manganese cobalt pouch cells allow for faster discharging and cooled during cooling with di-electric coolant, which decreases the downtime in between any speed runs the prototype is doing.

Top speed looks to be 160 mph, but unfortunately, there is no word on 0-60 mph time.

Of course, the internals are not the only things that got an upgrade as the exterior of the Mach-E has also been spruced up. The Mach-E has grown many bit os aerodynamic bits all over the car, such as canards on the front of the car and a giant spoiler on the rear. The bodywork has been widened with bulbous wheel arches that accommodate much wider wheels than what would be appropriate for street use. Downforce is targeted at more than 2,300 lb. at 160 mph.

Vaughn Gittin Jr., RTR Vehicles founder and motorsports champ said:

“Getting behind the wheel of this car has completely changed my perspective on what power and torque can be. This experience is like nothing you’ve ever imagined, except for maybe a magnetic roller coaster.”

A prototype like this isn’t here just for bragging rights but serves as an important testbed for future electric cars from Ford. The hood is made of organic composite fibers which could serve as an alternative to carbon fiber, and let’s not forget the engineering involved in the seven motors. I don’t know what application seven motors can have to a street car, but I’m sure there is some useful information gained for it.

While the thought of high-performance small SUVs might seem a bit silly, Ford is looking to put the Mustang name to good use and hopefully allow this next generation of Mustangs and beyond to be able to live up to their forefathers.

The Mach-E 1400 will soon debut in person at a NASCAR race and maybe make some converts towards electric cars from the fans.

How do you feel about the Mustang Mach-E 1400? Let us know down in the comments below.

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