Electric Jeeps Are Coming Soon (This Year?)

by Jack

FCA is not a name heard loudly throughout our transition to electric cars. Apart from some compliance vehicles that no one really wants, their current offerings are basically transparent. However, behind the scenes, FCA has been working on some electric vehicles. Electric Jeeps are scheduled to be unveiled at CES this year.

Back in 2018 FCA revealed their plans to electrify just about every vehicle in their lineup. Jeeps are expected to have an electrified option across their entire nameplate by 2021. Overall, the plans end with a 2022 deadline and with this latest announcement we seem to be on track.

Alongside CES, the automaker has also opted to display the vehicles at other major auto shows in Beijing, Geneva, and New York. The cars unveiled are not concept cars, rather production cars that are ready to be sold in the near future.

Only four electric Jeep models will come with a fully electric option (BEV). The rest will be made available with just a hybrid option (PHEV). Sadly, none of the fully electric Jeeps are set to hit North America and will all most likely reside in European countries.

When displaying these cars at auto shows around the globe FCA will be looking at public interest. Who knows, if enough of it is shown, we could see some of those BEVs hit our shores. With the newfound PSA merger, FCA and Jeep electrification plans could potentially be expedited or expanded. PSA has been very active on the European end with vehicle electrification.

An electric Jeep Wrangler could drastically help with EV awareness. Others such as Bollinger Motors and Arcimoto are investing heavily in electric off-road and “fun” vehicles. The Wrangler falls within those categories with its cult following. We’ll just have to wait and see if Jeep enthusiasts are ready to make the transition.

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