Denmark to Embrace Electric Revolution with Diesel & Gasoline Ban

by David Mowatt
electric revolution denmark

In an attempt to fully embrace the electric revolution, Denmark has just announced their plan to ban the sale of all gasoline and diesel cars by the year 2030.

Denmark’s bold effort to promote electric-only vehicles to reduce air pollution and combat climate change adds them to the ever growing list of countries determined to use clean-energy sources in lieu of harmful gases and fuels.

Denmark’s electric revolution does not stop at simply banning gasoline and diesel cars, however. In addition to banning all gas powered cars by 2030, Denmark’s government has also announced that they aim to ban the sale of all hybrid vehicles by 2035 as well. In short, Denmark plans for zero-emission vehicles to be the only available option in the future.

While the government of Denmark has come under scrutiny in the past for increasing the tax on electric vehicles in 2016, a decision which ultimately caused sales to drop from more than 3 percent of all new cars to almost zero, they now aim to follow the example being set by an increasing number of countries in order to help push their efforts forward.

Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen told parliament on Tuesday:

“It is a big ambition that will be hard to achieve. But that’s exactly why we need to try.”

The plan to ban all gasoline and diesel powered cars requires parliamentary approval to become law and will be presented to parliament some time next week.

With the UK and France planning to phase out gasoline and diesel cars by 2040, Denmark certainly is ambitious with their plan to do so by 2030. Besides major countries, many larger cities plan to ban the sale of diesel powered cars as well. Paris, Madrid, Mexico City and Athens all aim to end the sale of diesel powered cars by 2025.

Denmark ultimately aims to become completely fossil fuel-free by 2050.


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