3 Easy DIY Tesla Modifications

by Giovanni

Tesla doesn’t offer much in terms of modifications and making your car feel… well, yours. Apart from the three rim choices, the only other option you have when ordering a Tesla Model S is your color, range, and performance. There is nothing in terms of customization from the factory, which leads to many aftermarket Tesla modifications having to be done yourself or at an aftermarket shop. Here are three easy DIY Tesla modifications that we did.


Debadging is nothing new and might be one of the most common modifications done to just about every car. Removing your badges gives your car a much cleaner look and is easier than you’d imagine. Forget paying some body shop to do this, it can be done in as little as 15 minutes. The links below are from Amazon and a bit more costly as they come in larger quantities. If you’re on a budget, I purchased everything at Walmart for ~$5.

What You Need

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The process is extremely easy: use fishing line to remove each letter then with a microfiber cloth and some adhesive remover, remove the remaining residue. If you aren’t debadging a brand new car, you’ll likely see some discoloration where the badge used to be. Just rub some wax on it with another microfiber cloth and it’ll look like new.

Puddle Lights

This is such a simple Tesla modification you have to wonder “why isn’t this an option from the factory?” In fact, every single premium car I have ever owned has had puddle lights displaying the manufactures logo. It’s the little things that can make a car stand out.

What You Need

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Although it looks like it would require time and effort, this Tesla modification is easier than changing a light bulb. The kit comes courtesy of EVANNEX, the leader in Tesla aftermarket accessories. For $49.95, it includes two lights and a tool used to remove the original unit.

There are no screws, there is no glue, no tape, no hassle. The factory lights are in place with nothing more than a bit of pressure. You just pull out the old ones with the provided tool or a small screwdriver, disconnect it, and plug in the new set. This is, and I mean this in the most literal sense, a 30 second process.

The same kit works for all Tesla models and is certainly worth it, if you ask me.

Carbon Fiber Spoiler

I cannot take credit for this one as I did not take the DIY route for this Tesla modification. Instead, I purchased and had it installed through Tesla themselves. The ludicrous price-tag on for this spoiler is $1,500 but I have some good news for you. There’s a DIY option for a third of the price.

What You Need

EVANNEX not only offers a similar spoiler as Tesla, they offer a variety of them. The one resembling the original one offered by Tesla can be purchased in either matte or gloss (Tesla only offers matte). EVANNEX also offers what they’ve dubbed the Gotham Spoiler.

Both spoilers are installed the same. Use painters tape to align the center, clean the surface with some alcohol, peel off the adhesive cover, and stick the spoiler onto your trunk lid.

Aligning the spoiler perfectly centered might sound a bit difficult but it’s definitely not worth paying an extra $1,000 to have someone else do it for you. I highly suggest watching the detailed installation video before attempting this Tesla modification yourself.

The carbon fiber spoiler comes stock with both the performance version of the Model S and Model 3.

Tesla is an interesting case as they offer close to no customization options. Owners have had to find DIY options or seek 3rd party suppliers in order to make their cars feel personal with Tesla modifications. Other luxury cars such as Porsche offer a wide variety of options. The Porsche Panamera has over 200 available options available on purchase. When and if Tesla will finally add some more customization options is a major question as others enter the luxury electric car market.

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