2019 Audi E Tron vs Tesla Model X Compared

by Jack

Since its official unveiling last year, the Audi E Tron has constantly been compared with the industry leading electric SUV, the Tesla Model X. Audi has even outsold Tesla in some markets with its latest electric car. Without bias, lets take a look at facts and compare the two most popular electric SUVs.


Audi currently has two trims for the E Tron: Premium Plus and Prestige. Tesla recently discontinued their base model, the Standard Range. Currently, there are two trims for the Tesla Model X as well: Long Range and Performance. Realistically, the Standard Range would have been a better direct comparison for the two. This is the second time the vehicle has been discontinued in recent months and I do personally expect to see it back once more, but today we will stick with what is currently available for purchase. The only difference between the two Tesla trims is performance and range. Meanwhile, Audi’s Prestige Package has features such as their driving assistance package, heads up display, massage seats, and more.


The Audi E Tron starts at $74,800 and will cap out at just $86,400 with all available features. Meanwhile, the Tesla Model X is now $84,800 and can go as high as $124,990 with all available features. Due to the price point and accompanied features, we will be comparing the Audi E Tron Prestige with the Tesla Model X Long Range as we see that more fit. It should be noted, however, that the Audi E Tron is available for ten thousand dollars less than a Tesla Model X if you do not need all the latest and greatest tech.


Color options for Tesla run from $1,000 to $2,500 depending on the color with white being the base (free). Audi’s base color is black but their nine other color options run much less at just $595 each. The Audi E Tron has both 19″ or 20″ rims at no additional cost with a 21″ pair as an option for $1,500 extra. Tesla has three styles as well with just one 20″ pair included at no cost, another 20″ for $1,500 extra, and a third 22″ for a ridiculous $5,500.


Overall, the Tesla Model X is a slightly larger electric SUV. It sits at 198″ L x 79″ W x 66″ H while the Audi E Tron is 193″ L x 76″ W x 66″ H. With their seats folded, the Model X has a cargo space of 87.8 ft³ and the E Tron has 57 ft³. Both are categorized as SUV’s but neither are the largest of the bunch.


For many, range is one of the most important factors when deciding on an electric car. The Audi E Tron has an EPA rated range of 204 miles while the Tesla Model X can get 325 miles on the same cycle. On paper there is a clear winner by far, but real-world range varies. According to WhatCar’s testing, the Audi E Tron reached a real-world range of 196 miles while an older Tesla Model X 100D was able to get 233 miles. The gap between WhatCar’s real-world data and the EPA stated range varies drastically but the data is there. You’ll just have to take their word for it.


Both electric cars have a max charge rate of 150 kW and will see similar charge times. What differs is your available charging options. Tesla has one of the largest charging networks in the world and while there are others, many do not provide sufficient output to minimize your charging time. Most charging networks are not yet suited for 150 kW charging, but they are coming quickly. Tesla can charge at both their proprietary network and all other available ones as well.

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The Audi E Tron can hit 0-60 in 5.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 124 mph. For any SUV, electric or not, this is impressive, but the Tesla Model X Long Range has the upper hand here with a 0-60 of 4.4 and a top speed of 155 mph. A lot of people out there don’t care so much for speed, but if you do, there’s a significant difference between the two. Below you can find a from carwow showcasing a drag race between the I-Pace and Model X.

Towing Capacity

This is pretty straight forward; the Audi E Tron has a towing capacity of 4,000 lbs while the Tesla Model X caps out at 5,000 lbs. If you need it, your options just narrowed to one; if you don’t need it, this is irrelevant to your decision.


Both vehicles are classified by many as luxurious and their interiors fit the bill. When it comes to craftsmanship and experience, Audi might have the upper hand here, but if you aren’t pretentious, it will just come down to personal preference.


Both vehicles, the Tesla Model X Long Range and the Audi E Tron Prestige come standard with Adaptive Cruise Control and other active safety features. Some might know this by the term Autopilot and yes, an Audi can do everything your base Tesla can. There most certainly is a difference when it comes to limitations and potential future possibilities with the same existing tech, but as of today, Autopilot, which comes standard on all Teslas, is simply the name of Tesla’s Adaptive Cruise Control system.


This is where we will expand the gap between the two for many. Tesla is known for their advancements in the industry and some even label them as a tech company, but Audi and others are catching up. Audi actually has many features Tesla is yet to offer, like a 360 camera view for backing up or parking, massage seats, digital mirrors, and a heads up display. That being said, Tesla is much further ahead of the curb with the features it does offer. While Audi’s UI is like any other ordinarily automotive system, Tesla’s is recognized as one of the best. Their Autopilot system has the capability of full self-driving and even their air conditioning filter leads the industry.

One thing that keeps Tesla ahead is their ability to do over-the-air updates. Their vehicles are constantly improving and adding new features free of charge to existing owners. Not long ago, the company was even able to shave a full second off the Model X’s 0-60 time through an update. Their cars receive updates on what seems like a weekly schedule and are constantly receiving improvements and new features.


Neither electric vehicle has many extended options. The E Tron offers a cold weather package for $900 which adds heating to the rear seats, a higher voltage heater, and heated wipers. Tesla’s cold weather package is now standard with the cost of the car. Neither Tow Package is free with Audi’s costing $650 and Tesla’s $1,250. Audi also offers rear side airbags and illuminated seat belt buckles in a package for $400. The only extended option available with the Tesla Model X is their Full Self-Driving package. All other features come standard or are not available. The Full Self-Driving package adds the ability to automatically have the car change lanes for you, Autopark, and additional automated features. This package receives every future upgrade to the system with Tesla claiming that the car will eventually drive itself.

Both vehicles offer additional features and differ in other ways than listed. If you’re stumped between the two, you could always go test drive either electric vehicle as you would any other car. You can also go ahead and build and order both the Audi E Tron and Tesla Model X online. For a more in-depth comparison, feel free to watch each vehicle reviewed below.

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