Tesla Delivers a Record 201,250 Cars in Q2

by Denis Gurskiy

Tesla has released its production and delivery numbers for Q2 2021 and shows that it continues to chug along with almost no issues.

While essentially every technologically related industry has been struggling with chip shortages, Tesla has somehow brushed aside that inconvenience and broke its delivery record yet again.

The company wrote:

In the second quarter, we produced and delivered over 200,000 vehicles.  Our teams have done an outstanding job navigating through global supply chain and logistics challenges.

And they did well on that goal:

  Production Deliveries
Model S/X 2,340 1,890
Model 3/Y 204,081 199,360
Total 206,421 201,250

Musk also took to Twitter to congratulate the team on this huge accomplishment.

This marked the first quarter of the year where Tesla produced the newly refreshed Model S which had a delivery event a few weeks back. The total production of the Model S (as deliveries of the Model X still seem to be far away) totalled 2,340 with 1,890 produced. Model 3/Y production continues to be on a tear as production eclipsed the 200,000 mark with a total of 204,081. Deliveries almost reached 200,000 with a total of 199,360 models making their way into owners’ hands.

Overall, Tesla was able to produce 206,421 cars and delivery 201,250 cars beating their previous quarter’s deliveries of 184,800. Even discounting the Model S deliveries to have a more fair comparison to Q1 numbers, there has been steady growth in Model 3/Y deliveries. 

It is also nice to see that the refreshed Model S does indeed seem to be actually going through the line and not secretly delayed again. The updated model was supposed to come much earlier in the year, but constant delays had pushed past the mid-year mark. Thankfully it does seem to finally be hitting the roads. Now the Model X on the other hand.

As always these numbers are not final and can be off by half a percent, but these numbers rarely change drastically by the time the earnings report comes out.

What do you guys think of the news? How is Tesla dodging these chip shortage issues? Let us know down in the comments below.

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