Mercedes EQV Electric Minivan Goes on Sale for €71,388

by Denis Gurskiy

Mercedes’ electric EQ line of cars has finally received a second member, the EQV electric minivan that we first saw over a year ago. Mercedes has recently announced the starting price of the EQV which is €71,388, which includes a 19% VAT.

It’s an interesting move to make your second electric car be a minivan. While most other automakers tend to stick to sedans and the ever-popular crossover vehicle segment, Mercedes has introduced what appears to be the only mainstream option for those that want an electric minivan. 

The EQV comes with a 100 kWh battery, with only 90 kWh of which is usable. The electric minivan comes with only a single motor in the front that has a peak power of 150 kW (204 hp) and a maximum torque of up to 362 Newton meters. This single motor propels the EQV to up to 99 mph.

The range of the EQV is stated to be about 259 miles, which is rather respectable given the size. While most would prefer to use their minivan for long trips and have at least a range of 300 miles, you’ll take what you can get in this limited market.

The EQV also comes with an on-board 11 kW charger and is capable of 110 kW fast-charging, allowing for a 10-80% charge in about 45 minutes according to Mercedes.

Andreas Böger, Head of Sales of New Vehicles Mercedes-Benz Transporter and Vans Germany, stated:

“Whether for the environmentally conscious family, the recreational athlete or as a shuttle vehicle – our EQV offers superior driving performance, long range as well as a generous range of space – and all this locally emission-free”

The electric minivan is available in different seating configurations. There is a six-seat version where everyone gets their own individual chairs, but is also able to be converted to a seven or eight-seat version.

As stated before, the EQV will start at €71,388 (including a 19% VAT), which includes four years of maintenance and a battery warranty of eight years or 160,000 km. In regards to where it stacks up against the regular V-Class in terms of price, the EQV is one the higher middle end of the price range. Taking a look at the German configuration for the V-Class shows a huge price range of about €38,000 to €96,000. 

Of course, while it may not be the on the exact top end of the price bracket, the EQV is by no means an accessible electric car for the masses and we still do not have an electric minivan for the mass market. But it does provide at least an option for those with higher incomes, or those companies that wish to use these minivans as urban people movers.

What do you guys think of the EQV electric minivan? Let me know down in the comments below.


CO2-emissions 0 g/km
Electricity consumption (combined)1 26,4 -26,3 kWh/100 km
Range (combined)2,3 417 – 418 km
Charging standard CCS
Minimum charging time at wallbox or public charging station (AC charging, up to 11 kW, series) < 10 h (0-100 %)
Minimum charging time at fast charging station (DC charging up to 110 kW, series) approx. 45 min (10-80% SoC)
Drive Front wheel drive
Power (peak) 150 kW (204 hp)
Power (duration) 70 kW (95 hp)
Max Torque 362 Nm
Battery Lithium-Ion
Battery capacity (usable) 90 kWh
Battery capacity (installed) 100 kWh
Lenghts 5.140 mm, 5.370 mm
Wheelbases 3.200 mm, 3.430 mm
Top Speed 140 km/h (series), 160 km/h (option)
Luggage compartments (max. depending on equipment) 1.030 litres, 1.410 litres
zGG 3,500 kilograms

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