Here’s Another Tesla Price Change, Model 3 Now Sub-$37,000

by Denis Gurskiy

Another day, another Tesla price adjustment. This time both the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y have had some of their price’s change, but not all the prices went down.

The most significant change comes to the Model 3 Standard Range Plus which will now start just under $37,000, getting closer to that famous $35,000 price that its less equipped sibling hit in the past. The price drop further expands the price range of Tesla’s following the $10,000 increase in the Model S/X refresh and announcement of the Model S Plaid+. As you will see, however, the price drop was not seen across all the trims.

  • Standard Range Plus: $36,990 (was $37,990)
  • Long Range: $46,990 (no change)
  • Performance: $55,990 (was $54,990)

So while the Standard Range received a $1,000 price cut, the Long Range did not get any change and the Performance version actually saw a $1,000 increase. The price adjustment now puts a $10,000 gap between the Standard Range and Long Range and a $9,000 gap between Long Range and Performance, ensuring that a customer must really be committed to trim of choice. The price changes potentially are also a result of the small refresh that happened to the Model 3 at the end of last year.

The Tesla Model Y also received a similar arrangement of price adjustment, but with a more aggressive price cut to its cheapest trim.

  • Standard Range: $39,990 (was $41,990)
  • Long Range: $49,990 (no change)
  • Performance: $60,990 (was $59,990)

Once again this widens the gap between every step up in model. The price cut of the Standard Range Model Y now brings it into the sub-$40,000 club. Just like the Model 3, the Model Y has also been receiving some small updates that the Model 3 has been getting, so that could be one of the reasons for the price change.

My condolences to whoever bought the Standard Range Model Y as soon as it dropped.

What do you guys think of these Tesla price changes? Do they even surprise you anymore? Let us know down in the comments below. You can check out the new prices in the configurator here.


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