The Alieno Arcanum is a 5,221 HP electric hyper car

by Denis Gurskiy

Step aside Tesla Roadster, Bugatti Chiron, and basically every other road going car, because you got nothing on the Alieno Arcanum and its 5,221 hp worth of electric motors. This car hails from some company in Bulgaria that claims that this is made with “alien technologies from the future”. Is the human race ready for such a car?

If you hop on over to Alieno’s website, you a greeted by a basic page that looks like someones first foray into building a site from HTML. In this website we are greeted with a big picture of the Arcanum (which totally doesn’t look like an Aventador) and its many claims.

The Arcanum will come in four versions of varying power. The RP2 which will have a measly 2610 hp, the RP3 with 3481 hp, the RP4 with 4351 hp, and finally the RP5 with 5221 hp which has a top speed of over 303 mph (488 km/h) and a power to weigh ratio of 2.64 hp/kg. (All while those scrubs at Koenigsegg are making a big deal of there 1 hp/kg One:1 car) The RP of course, stands for “Raw Power”.


Along with which Raw Power version to get, the customer will also be able to choose what additional modifications the company will make on top of the car. You can pick STR (Street) for a street legal version, a TRC (Track) for a track version that doesn’t have to follow any requirements set by a racing organization. And finally a RCE (Race) version that will be a track car but will follow the rules set forth by a race organizer such as the FIA for the 24 hour Le Mans, which Alieno has stated that this car will easily be able to do once all-electrics are allowed.

So what else does this car have? Well depending on which RP version you get, you will have anywhere from 3 (for the RP2) to 6 (for the RP5) electric motors in each wheel. So there will be anywhere from 12 to 24 motors in the car depending on which RP version you get.

If you opt for the street version you will get a 180kWh battery that will reach a range of up to 633 miles (1020 km). The track version will have a 120kWh battery and the race version will have a 60kWh battery.

Along with ALL that, there will also be an AI to help you drive the vehicle to its fullest:

ALIENO ARCANUM possesses multiple innovative ALIENO ADAS systems (Advanced driver-assistance systems), the main one of which is called ALIENO Artificial Intelligence (AAI) or “The Alien” (TA). In reality the car is an “alien” (“alien robot”, “intelligent robot on wheels”), who assists the driver, prevents him from making mistakes and teaches him how to improve his driving skills, habits and style, with the sole purpose of being able to explore and use the full potential of the car.

So how much is this bad boy going to cost you? 20 million? 10 million? No the car will range anywhere from €750,000 ($878,000) for the RP2 version to the low low price of €1.5 million ($1.75 million) for the RP5 version. And you can have it anywhere from 18 to 30 months depending on your specifications. An absolute steal.

The best part is, this is only the beginning of Alieno’s takeover of the hypercar market:

It is expected, in the next 24 months, ALIENO to present from 8 to about 24 different models all-electric hypercars, on average, a new model every 1-3 months. They will be offered at prices equal to the prices of the debut first model ALIENO ARCANUM, while having similar technical and dynamic characteristics, but entirely different exterior designs. With that, ALIENO aims to cover different design styles, thus enlarging the reach and potential customers, offering a car for each individual taste.

How could we be so blessed, a new model every 1-3 months? Elon Musk, and every other car maker, take notes on these guys. Even better, you too can be a part of this historic company as they are looking for investors, and for a measly minimum of €10,000 you can own a whole 0.05% of the company.

There must be some real genius engineers working in this company, lets look at what CEO and CTO, Ahmed Merchev has worked on in the past. So according to his Linkedin, he has started two companies prior to this one.

The first is Kibertron which is “a project for research, developing, design and construction of a humanoid robot, which shall have an intellect, autonomy, structure, dimensions, kinematics and dynamics similar to those of the human being.” Alright, so this might help with the AI and “robotics” that are in place in the Arcanum. But get this, it can also works in the 5th dimension:

From this point of view the intellect of the robot KIBERTRON is a “natural intellect” which continuously evaluates not only his position in the space and time, but also his “probability” position in the 5th dimension. In fact it was necessary to develop a technology, which we called Natural Intellect (NI), which will allow creating the intelligence of the robot in the same way as the Nature created the human intellect – gradual development of the intelligence with the growing of the human constitution.

This is some next level stuff.

So after starting a company that wants to build humanoid robots that can track themselves in the 5th dimension, what did Merchev start afterwards? He started Blisstool, which creates metal detectors. Not any sort of fancy metal detectors that look into different dimensions, just an earthly metal detector that is very strong.

So with the experience of 5th dimension seeing robots and strong metal detectors, Mr.Merchev will lead us into a new age of ultra-mega-hyper cars with thousands of horsepower and 10+ motors. This car is totally going to happen.

And no, their logo is definitely not the Alienware logo.

Source: Alieno

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