WiTricity and Qualcomm to Push Wireless EV Charging Adoption

by David Mowatt

WiTricity, an industry pioneer in wireless power transfer, has recently announced their acquisition of Qualcomm Halo from Qualcomm Incorporated and Qualcomm Technologies, a move which will help streamline technology development that enables automakers to deliver a truly wireless EV charging experience.

By acquiring Qualcomm Halo, WiTricity will now own over 1,500 patents and patent applications related to wireless charging which they will use in the development of new wireless EV charging technology. The acquisition by WiTricity will also help ensure interoperability across automakers, making their wireless technology more widely available.

With Qualcomm’s help, WiTricity aim to develop wireless charging ground pads that can be installed at homes, in garages, and in public parking spots. Once installed, drivers will be able to effortlessly recharge their electric vehicles by simply driving over the pads, effectively eliminating the need for plugs and cables.

Alex Gruzen, CEO of WiTricity, commented on the recent acquisition, stating:

“WiTricity’s wireless charging technology is key to the future of mobility which is clearly electric, and increasingly shared and autonomous. EV drivers and fleets demand a simple, effortless charging experience. Bringing the Qualcomm Halo technology into the WiTricity portfolio will simplify global interoperability and significantly accelerate commercialization. This is an exciting day for WiTricity, for automakers, for prospective EV buyers, and ultimately for any company deploying fleets of autonomous vehicles.”

Steve Pazol, advisor, and former vice president and GM, Wireless Charging, Qualcomm Incorporated, added:

“With Qualcomm technology and expertise, we have been able to deliver innovative automotive solutions, like Qualcomm Halo wireless electric vehicle charging (WEVC), not only to support the shared vision of a more efficient, safer and cleaner urban mobility, but also to transform the automotive experience. Qualcomm is confident that combining WEVC under WiTricity’s leadership will create accessibility to and demand by customers for this exciting technology.”

Source: Business Wire

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