Mack Adds to Electric Commercial Vehicles with Electric Garbage Truck

by Jack

The transition towards electric vehicles reaches beyond that of the mass consumer. We have seen a lot of electric buses and forms of transportation, but Mack seeks to enter the market with an electric garbage truck.

The Mack LR battery electric vehicle (BEV) was unveiled at WasteExpo 2019 earlier this week. It is simply their previous Mack LR with an electric drivetrain. This electric commercial vehicle will be hitting the streets of New York City beginning in 2020 with a series of trials with DSNY (New York City Department of Sanitation). DSNY is actually the worlds largest sanitation department with its 10,000 employees collecting more than 12,000 tons of refuse and recyclables each day. They also happen to be one of Mack’s largest customers making it the “ideal choice” for their introduction.

“Built on our decades of experience in powertrain innovation, the electric LR delivers a powerful yet quiet, zero-emission solution designed to tackle one of the most demanding applications in one of the largest cities in the world.”

The electric Mack LR uses two 130 kW motors producing a combined 496 peak horsepower and 4,051 lb.-ft. of torque with a 2-speed transmission. The electric garbage truck has 150 kWh charging capabilities which is just about equivalent to Tesla’s current industry leading Supercharging speeds.

Every accessory on this truck, including its hydraulics, is electrically driven through 12V, 24V and 600V circuits. Its Four NMC lithium-ion batteries (Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide) gives this electric commercial vehicle its industry edge.

“New York City, and DSNY in particular, is a world leader when it comes to testing the latest technologies to help us reduce our environmental footprint. We’re proud to be the first Mack customer to test this exciting new technology, and we look forward to continuing to work with Mack throughout this project.”

Mack is actually owned by the Volvo Group who have been designing and producing electric commercial trucks for some time now. Their first batch have already begun deliveries in February.

Fully electric trucks like the Mack LR BEV provide a number of benefits, including zero emissions and the potential for improved environmental sustainability. In addition, fully electric trucks produce significantly less noise, enabling nighttime operation, a particularly attractive option for refuse operators in urban environments.

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