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by Denis Gurskiy

If you have read our 2019 Update post, then you know that one of our recently launched projects was BREEV. BREEV is a non profit search engine that takes ad revenue from executed searches and donates it to non profit organizations that advocate for electric vehicles, carbon reduction, and sustainable energy practices.

With BREEV, we wanted to create an easy and free way for everyone to donate to organizations that are fighting for a greener future. These organizations can include those that work to educate the population about green energy practices, such as solar panels and electric vehicles, as well as organizations that push for legislative action towards cutting carbon emissions and promoting green energy.

Among some of the possible ways we thought to garner funds, we found that nothing was more unobstructive and pervasive in today’s world as simply searching the internet, leading us came up with the concept for BREEV, a non profit search engine.

From our How it Works post on the BREEV Blog:

Operating BREEV is just as easy as it seems—simply use the search bar above to search the web as you normally would. BREEV provides the same exact Google results that you have grown accustomed to over the years, so there’s no need to worry. With every search executed, BREEV generates a small income that will be donated to various non profit organizations passionate about reducing our ever-growing carbon footprint at the end of every month. Here at BREEV, 100% of all revenue earned each month will be distributed to non profit organizations who share our mission.

non profit search

Additionally, at the bottom of the main page are three different non profit organizations that we have highlighted along with their mission statements. If you wish to donate to them directly, feel free to do so. On the sidebar of the BREEV blog, you will also see a list of even more non profits that we intend to expand as time goes on.

We hope that this platform will be as easy to use and be as democratic as possible by giving users control as all opinions are taken into account. We are constantly looking to add more non profit organizations that share our mission to our list of funding recipients as well, so if you feel like we are missing a deserving organization, please let us know.

As a final note, the amount of funds that we will be able to donate is directly correlated to the amount of people that use the site. So above all else, while we implore you to try out the non profit search engine for yourself, we also ask that you spread the word so that we may reach a larger audience and be able to contribute a larger amount to our future. Feel free to bookmark BREEV and use it whenever you have a question for the web. As always, if you see something that we can improve on, or just want to help us, please feel free to reach out.

You can visit the BREEV homepage or jump directly to searching here.

BREEV is still in development mode. If you have any issues or suggestions feel free to contact us at

Our Mission

Source: ipcc

The Earth’s Average Temperature is quickly rising to dangerous levels and the possible catastrophic events will be felt within our lifetimes. Rampant greenhouse gas emissions are the main culprit behind this deadly temperature increase. Here at BREEV we believe that raising awareness and promoting organizations that work towards a more environmentally conscious goal will be one of the most effective ways to slow the ever-rising global temperature. These organizations can include those that work to educate the population about green energy practices (such as solar panels and electric vehicles), as well as organizations that push for legislative action towards cutting carbon emissions and promoting green energy. We’ve created a non profit search engine using Google to provide the results you’ve grown accustom to while donating 100% of our ad revenue to these organizations.

About Us

Breev is composed of a small group of individuals that hope to slow down catastrophic climate change. While our interests are rooted in the automotive transition towards electrification, we can see the same problems that slow down the electrification of automobiles also appear in the transition towards global green energy use. Policies that stifle progress and lack of information for the general public are the main hindrances towards cutting carbon emissions. Like many, we wanted to do something that could possible transition humanity towards more environmentally conscious means of energy. So we created a non profit search engine that can do just that.

While brainstorming, we found several organizations that are trying to both push legislation and educate the public about more green practices, the two major roadblocks that we’ve mentioned. We wanted to somehow lend a helping hand to these organizations as all of them were non profit. We wanted to find a way to raise funds as simply as possible. Could we somehow gain funding from something that people do every day?

With that, Breev was born. With every search that a user makes on our site, they provide us with funding that we can distribute to the proper organizations. It works in the background and doesn’t require users to donate any of their own money to help these organizations fighting for a green future. Additionally, we hope to become a hub for non profits that share these goals and be able to promote some of the lesser known organizations to our users.

So go ahead and search, and hopefully one day we’ll be able to breathe easy.

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