Anaheim, CA to Add 40 New Electric Buses to Public Fleet

by David Mowatt

The Anaheim Transportation Network (ATN), a public transportation system operating within The Anaheim Resort District of California, has recently purchased 40 new electric buses in order to achieve their goal of a 100% zero-emission fleet.

The 40 electric buses were purchased using $28.9 million in grant funds from California State Transportation and the Intercity Rail Capitol Program and $6.7 million from Anaheim Tourism Improvement District garnered through ATN’s Electrify Anaheim program. In addition to acquiring the electric buses, ATN was also able to purchase 10 all-electric Polaris GEM cars that will be used for their new microtransit service, Free Rides Around the Neighborhood (FRAN).

According to ATN, their new electric bus fleet will be capable of servicing roughly 625,000 new riders by 2021, including expanded service to the Disneyland Resort, Anaheim Convention Center and Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center. ATN estimates that their new electric project will reduce carbon emissions by over 42,000 metric tons over the course of its lifespan.

FRAN at the Anaheim Packing House.

ATN Executive Director Diana Kotler commented on the recent announcement, stating:

“Our clean-energy goals and the new FRAN microtransit system are the latest extension of Anaheim’s legacy of innovation. These technological solutions help us expand mobility and grow ridership while limiting environmental impacts. They are also imaginative approaches to placemaking as they connect and enhance Anaheim’s many popular destinations.”

Diana Kotler, Executive Director at Anaheim Transportation Network, commented on the FRAN microtransit service’s recent performance, stating:

“The initial ridership rate has far exceeded our expectations. We looked at ridership for similar programs around the country and modeled our expectations upon those numbers. FRAN exceeded all of them by at least a factor of two, sometimes even more. All of this has happened in under two months.”

ATN anticipates the arrival of the 40 new electric buses in 2020. The purchase of the electric buses will bring Anaheim’s bus fleet to 57% zero-emission vehicles, pushing the city one step closer to achieving their ultimate goal of a completely zero-emission fleet.

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