Hubject and Greenlots to Partner on Plug&Charge Technology

by David Mowatt

Global eMobility specialist Hubject has recently announced a new partnership with electric vehicle charging leader Greenlots in deployment of their customer-friendly Plug&Charge technology in North America.

By implementing and utilizing the ISO 15118 protocol into various vehicles and chargers, Hubject will allow customers to pay for their electric vehicle charging simply by plugging in their vehicles, eliminating the need for app-based payment systems and cards. With Hubject’s Plug&Charge ecosystem, Greenlots’ network of chargers will be able to securely authenticate and authorize EV charging by plugging into the vehicle once drivers register a specified vehicle and user account for billing.

In their most recent press release, Hubject explained:

“Customer privacy and safety are key components of this system, which is why it has been endorsed by nearly all major automakers. The secure digital communication of the Plug&Charge system gives peace of mind to both new players in the connected mobility industry and drivers alike.


“With the enablement of the ISO 15118 protocol, Greenlots will provide network operators a greater level of management and increased energy and cost efficiencies. Smart charging benefits multiple stakeholders, including utility companies and fleet owners, as it securely connects vehicles to infrastructure.”

Paul Glenney, North American CEO of Hubject, commented on the announcement, stating:

“Our expertise in Plug&Charge implementation has been developed over the last several years and Greenlots recognized our ability to provide them with the most advanced solution to enhance their customers’ EV charging experience. Through partnerships with industry leaders like Greenlots, we’re able to make charging more convenient than ever, a key factor in increasing EV adoption and reducing carbon emissions.”

Harmeet Singh, CTO of Greenlots, added:

“We’re always on the lookout for harmonious technologies that make EV charging faster, easier and more accessible for drivers. We’re very proud that we will be one of the first EV charging platforms in the U.S. to offer the most convenient charging experience. Making charging as simple as pumping gas is essential now that more and more drivers are switching to electric vehicles.”

Source: Hubject

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