Which Electric Car is Best For Me?

by Jack

Electric car ownership can sometimes be a quest all on its own, and getting to the finish line can be troublesome for many. The current options in available EVs might seem limiting, but unlike traditional gasoline cars, they contrast against each other greatly. With such a wide gap of discrepancies between electric cars, some could be turned away after finding out the first car they researched didn’t fit their needs. With the market in its current state, many would have to do extensive research to find their perfect electric car, but we’re here to tell you that there’s an easier way.

Whether you’re researching online, visiting multiple dealerships, or keeping up with the latest EV news, the average consumer will have to put in a bit more work than in previous years when looking for a new car. Until the electric car market becomes more stable and their isn’t such a wide gap in both range and technology among various models, not every electric vehicle will be a perfect fit for everyone. Technology is progressing at an exponential rate that might make it hard for many people to keep up with what’s available, and with so many options, many could be asking, “which electric car is best for me?”

Electric or not, a sports car would almost never fit a family of four, so let’s focus on other factors, such as range for example. Of the over 15 four-seater+ electric cars currently available, only a handful can achieve a range of over 200 miles with it capping out at 370 miles with the Tesla Model S Long Range while starting at a mere 89 miles with the Honda Clarity Electric. Those willing to wait will have more issues as many car manufacturers are now promising ranges in the neighborhood of 400 miles in the coming years.

Having to comb through the ever-growing list of electric cars, both current and upcoming, isn’t exactly ideal for most consumers. Most car buyers just want a car that works for them without the hassle. That is, in fact, 100% achievable with an electric car, but finding the perfect one and reading through heaps of numbers can be tiresome and frustrating. This is why our friends over at EV Compare put together a short quiz in order to find out which electric car is best suited for your needs.

By using EV Compare, you can do some quick and convenient in-depth research on your next purchase as well. As stated by their name, you can also use their polished tool to compare EVs side-by-side whenever needed.

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