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Model Years2014 - Present
Body StyleCUV
Range93 - 111 Miles
Battery30.5 kWh Lithium Polymer
Top Speed90 mph
Base MSRP$33,950

   The Kia Soul is probably more well known for its hamster commercials than for the car itself. However the Soul EV was a pretty solid EV when it came out in 2015 in limited States in the US. It achieved an EPA rated range of 93 miles from its 27 kWh battery. The battery was later upgraded to a 30 kWh one, allowing the Soul EV to reach a range of 111 miles. While in 2015 it was a competitive buy, it may no longer be one in the current year as there are better options. The Soul EV is due for a refresh and we are hoping for a larger battery. Whether Kia will keep the Soul’s noteably styling will left to be seen.

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