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Body StyleSUV
Range250 miles

   The Chrysler Portal is very much still in its concept stage, which its very clean space age design, non-traditional steering wheel, and 4 sliding doors, yes even the front doors (which is awesome, you go Chrysler.) It is intended to be their next generation small minivan, sized in between a Mazda 5 and the old Chrysler Town & Country. Seats will be able to be added on later on their track system if you need more chairs to keep up with a growing family. Which is a very cool idea, but no word if you can do it yourself or if you have to go to the dealer (or if it will even make it into the production version). Level 3 autonomy is planned to be implemented in the car. A 100 kWh battery pack will allegedly be used to give a range of at least 250 miles. More info to come as we get it.

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