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   If you like screens, you are going to love the Byton M-byte concept. No seriously, the Chinese startup’s first electric car has a lot of screens. The entire dashboard is replaced with a 49 inch touch screen that spans the width of the whole dashboard. There’s a screen on the steering wheel (which we don’t how that is going to work in terms of getting the airbags to work) and finally there’s a screen on the back of each one of the front seats. There will reportedly be two versions of the car, a rear wheel drive version with a 200kW motor and 71 kWh battery giving a range of 250 miles and an all-wheel drive version making 350kW with a 95 kWh battery giving a range of 325 miles. All this for a sub $50k starting price, lets see how well the performance and the the fit and finish of the car will be. (And if we will actually get all those screens)

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