Electric Car Database

Focus Electric


Model Years2012 - Present
Body StyleSedan
Range115 Miles
Battery33.5 kWh lithium-ion
Top Speed84 mph
Base MSRP$29,120

   The Ford Focus Electric was definitely a testing car for Ford. While they were doing well with their C-Max and Fusion plug-ins, they still did not have a full battery electric car. So like most car companies, they shoveled a battery and electric motor into a pre-existing model that they already had. In this case, it was the Ford Fusion. Their initial attempt had a 23 kWh battery that pumped out an EPA rated range of 73 miles. Which lets face it, is not that great, but also not unexpected for this “demonstration” car. Ford later in 2017, put a 33.5 kWh battery into it and gave it a more respectable range of 115 miles, which put it in the realm of the BMW i3. Still not amazing range, but for a strictly city car, not bad. As one would expect, the Focus Electric did not sell that many units, but seems to be case for many of these early transition cars from automakers.

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