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ManufacturerFaraday Future
Body StyleCUV

   The Faraday Future FF91 is a very ambitious car, especially as a companies first car, it just seems to have everything. The FF91 looks like an SUV that was pressed from the top and elongated, giving a side profile that I’m not the biggest fan of. But everything else, oh boy there is a lot. This car will allegedly have a 130 kWh battery charging 3 electric motors that will propel this huge hunk of metal 0-60 in 2.39 seconds. On top of that it will have a 300+ range. But it also doesn’t skimp out on the technology in the cabin. The FF91 will have an AI that will use the facial recognition on the door locks and greet you before you even get into the car. The back seats will also be essentially fully reclinable and will probably be more comfortable than my bed. Along with all this will be limited autonomy features, but what level Faraday is aiming for, we do not know yet.

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