Electric Car Database



Model Years2013 - 2016
Body StyleHatchback
Range82 miles
Battery21 kWh Lithium-Ion
Top Speed90 mph
Base MSRP‎$27,495

   The Spark EV could be said to be a compliance car, but it was GM’s first all electric car since the GM EV1, providing the framework and experience for its future electrics. The car, like many from this time, had a very limited release in the United States, only appearing in California, Oregon, and Maryland. It started with a 21.3 kWh battery and then later a 19 kWh battery that both gave the Spark EV a range of 82 miles. The Spark EV joins the club of low production ICE cars that had a battery stuck in them as automakers transitioned over to full electrics.

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