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Model Years2013 - 2014
Body Style5 Door Hatchback
Range82 Miles
Battery20 kWh lithium-ion
Top Speed90 mph
Base MSRP$36,600

   The Honda Fit EV was another one of those electric cars that were limited production and limited release. As the general trend was with these types of cars, you could only get for lease. The Fit EV was released in 2013 and ceased production in 2015. From its 20 kWh battery it received an EPA rating of 82 miles of range. Which yes, is not that great, but it was the trend in these existing vehicles that just had an electric motor and battery shoved into them. Less than 1,100 Fit EVs were leased out in the United States, so this is going to be another rare one for you to see.

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