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Model Years2012 -2013
Body StyleSedan
Range88 miles
Battery31 kWh Lifepo4
Top Speed85 mph
Base MSRP$38,145

   The Coda Automotive Coda is an interesting car from a company that tried to capitalize on the shift towards electric cars. Released on the heels of the Tesla Roadster in 2013, the Coda was a repurposed Chinese Hafei Saibao (designed by Pininfarina of all people) with a 31 kWh battery that had an all electric range 88 miles. (Coda themselves stated that in favorable conditions the car would do 125 miles) For 2013, this 88 miles was a very respectable range to have. Unfortunately Coda filed for bankruptcy shortly after and only 117 of these cars were sold, so if you see one, don’t discount it as some weird Chinese car. The Coda is one of those weird cars that we will all forget about it until some writes an article about it decades later titled “Early Electric cars that we’ve forgotten about” and they’ll laugh at our measly 88 mile range. If you really like the Coda, a company called Mullen Technologies will start selling the Coda rebranded as 700e with a larger battery.

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