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Ranger EV

1999 Ford Ranger EV

Model Years1998-2002
Body StyleTruck
Range72 - 93 miles
BatteryLead-Acid and NiMH
Top Speed75 mph
Base MSRP$52,720

   The Ford Ranger EV is another one of those late 90s electric cars that make you wonder where we would be in terms of battery technology if we kept pursuing electric cars back then. The Ranger EV used the same body as the regular Ranger, but obviously with a battery pack and electric motor. It was most likely released in a response to the Chevrolet S-10 that was released prior. Just like the S-10, the Ranger EV was only available to lease, but apparently some insistent owners got to keep these, so it’s still possible (although rare) to see one of these on the streets. The Ranger initially came with a lead-acid battery that provided a range of 65.1 miles. Later in 1999, it received a Nickel metal hydride variant which upped the range to 82.4 miles, which fun fact, is a higher range than the Focus Electric’s range of 73 miles from 2011. Now obviously it was more expensive to produce these electric cars in the late 90s, and the longevity of the batteries themselves come into question. But still it’s interesting to think that some electric cars from the previous century have higher ranges then some electric cars do now. Add this Ranger EV to your “Grandfathers of EVs” list.

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