Electric Car Database

S-10 EV

Chevy S-10 EV

Model Years1997 - 1998
Body StyleTruck
Range47 - 96 Miles
Battery16.2 kWh lead acid
29 kWh nickel-metal hydride
Top Speed45 mph
Base MSRP$16,494

   After experimenting with the EV-1, GM decided to have a second go at an all-electric vehicle in the form of the Chevrolet S-10 EV. This time it wasn’t a purpose built vehicle, but instead just the same S-10 chassis with the engine swapped out for electric motor and battery. The S-10 EV initially had a 16.2 kWh lead acid battery that gave a range of around 47 miles. A year later in 1998, it was given a 26 kWh Nickel Metal Hydride battery which gave it a more respectable range of around 90 miles. Unlike the EV-1 60 of the 492 S-10 EVs were sold to customers rather than leased out, so it is still possible for one to find these somewhere. If you do find one, take a good look, because this is one of the earliest modern electric models.

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